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As designers and developers ourselves, we wanted a mounting for our projects that was robust, reusable and could be moved and even stored out of the way for periods of time. After several years of development and testing we are pleased to release our Threadboard product and accompanying accessories.

Threadboard is a 'system' to develop electronics and mechatronic solutions. It is the extension of using an 'electronics breadboard' and provides a robust, flexible, storable and somewhat portable platform to prototype and test systems.

Threadboard is a rapid and simple way to prototype an electronic system and in many cases includes associated mechanical systems such as relays, solenoids and servos.

We have several standard hole patterns that support popular 'Off-The-Shelf' computing modules such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, TI Beagle Board, Intel Galileo and PC/104 form factors. Threadboard also includes a number of accessories such as PCB mounts, rubber feet, breadboard adaptors and legs. OEM and custom hole patterns and dimensions are also available on request.

Threadboard is comprised of a 15mm x 15mm matrix of M3 (3mm x 0.5 TPI) tapped holes and hole patterns for popular electronics formats such as Arduino, RaspberryPi, Beagle Board and Intel Galileo. These popular boards can be simply mounted securely alongside of an electronics breadboard (or two) and any other circuits and devices. In the case of Arduino and RaspberryPi, boards can be mounted vertically and horizontally.

Threadboard is of course also suitable to any OEM application and any PCB size using our 'risers' and stand offs.

Threadboard is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by ROK Technology P/L, a private Australian company with twenty-one years' experience in electronics and embedded systems design and development.


'Breadboarding' is a development process used by electronic engineers, designers and enthusiasts for many years. The term 'breadboarding' originates from the historical use of a wooden breadboard as the base for an electronic design. In addition to wooden boards, designs are often built on a desk or table.

Threadboard is an extension to this process providing a robust, reusable mounting for the development of both electronics and mechanical (electro-mechanical) solutions.




Threadboard is designed and manufactured by ROK Technology P/L. ROK has been developing software, electronic and electro-mechanical systems for over twenty years. We are passionate about our products and endeavour to engage with our users at all times.

Our goal is to continue to produce our products locally to a high standard and to progressively release supporting products and services for the Threadboard system over time.

In our business and manufacturing we endeavour to minimise our environmental impact.

For Threadboard specifically our manufacturing process uses natural, bio-degradable (non petro-chemical) cutting fluids and our anodising and printing inks are RoHS compliant.

The Threadboard itself is recyclable and we attempt to minimise our packaging materials, use natural packaging products or find ways to reuse packing materials and our international shipping is carbon neautral.


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